Being a part of a research family and arts community

This page explains Lycia Trouton's level of experience in academia: management, research and teaching and learning (T & L) as well as her formal and informal 'Family Tree of-Researchers and Artists'.

A lecturer with an emerging academic career with a combination of research and educational activities, as well as some management and team leadership. Some experience of curriculum design innovation, new course or unit outline implementation and delivery, and transparent criteria referenced assessment in the arts as well as current ethical teaching/learning practices.

Trouton has experience with current teaching and learning methods, including online delivery techniques (2009+).

Her university service is represented by participation in committee work. She engages in professional association memberships, such as The College Art Association USA and Women's Art Association, Canada.

Trouton holds Canadian, British, Irish and Australian citizenships; - as well, she held her Permanent Residency in the USA for a decade in the 1990s. Trouton's academic experience has mainly been in Australia.

Trouton's art and academic "family"

One of Lycia Trouton's Thesis Examiners: Jill Bennett an expert in visual culture and author of "Empathic Vision" (Stanford UP, 2005) about contemporary art and traumatic events.

Doctorate Advisor: Diana Wood Conroy. See: here also!

Tapestry weaver, fresco archaeologist and contemporary visual art historian, Australian Indigenous arts and crafts expert.

Her interests include critical appraisal of contemporary textile arts.

She is involved in historian on excavation sites in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece and Turkey.

She has worked with the Tiwi, a remote Indigenous community in Northern Australia.

She has been invloved in cross-disciplinary work in art and archaeology.

Trouton was Wood-Conroy's Research Assistant, 2001- 4 and international conference coordinator for Fabric(ation)s of the Postcolonial as well as database research assistant for her and 3 other Chief researchers in the department of University of Wollongong in English literature, with the resulting publication of Fabrics of Change: Trading Identitiesand Reinventing Textiles Volume 3, a Telos Art Journal, published in London. See here also.

Trouton's secondary thesis advisor was Jacky Redgate, a Sydney-based conceptual, minimalist and feminist photographer and sculptor.

Informal Mentors:

Kerstin Mey, author of Art and Obscenity, London and New York: IB Tauris, 2006.

Joseph McBrinn, Lecturer in Craft and Design

Paul Dwyer, Performance Studies.

Mark Seton, Performance Studies; Education.

Paul Sharrad, English.

Georgina Clarsen, History.

Dorothy Jones a major literary critic of Australian and Canadian post-colonial women's writing.

Anne Collett, English, whose research explores the relationship between politics and poetics, and the intersection of race and gender.

Collett and Jones are working on a comparative study of gendered postcolonial modernity in the work of Australian poet Judith Wright and West Coast Canadian painter Emily Carr.

In the 1990s and beyond my friendship with American Gloria Orenstein has sustained my inner life in the arts.

Please read about Gloria's inspiring, life-long friendship with surrealist Leonora Carrington, documented only recently in academic and curatorial circles, 2012+.

2 years studio work under primary advisor: Michael Hall, Sculptor and Folk Art Collector, Researcher, Author at Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1989-91.

Sculpture major and Painting minor at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, 1985-88.

Sam Giliam, Advisor: Color Field Painter and Lyric Abstractionist.

Highschool and beyond: abstract painter Carolyn Kramer, Canada.

...Thank you to my teachers and mentors who are too numerous to mention; also I'd like to thank my students over the years...


The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. Mark Van Doren


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