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Speaker for an independent organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship.

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Lycia speaks about family stories connected with children in war zones and the Diaspora.

She also speaks about growing up in Vancouver, and on rediscovering and exploring her Irish / Ulster Scots heritage and identity later in her adult life, especially through the visual arts.

Lycia was recommended to the speaker's bureau by Nick (Naeem) Noorani
Managing Partner Destination Canada Info Inc.

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November 2013

RE: The Community Box project, a type of site-conscious public art effort at Grande Prairie Regional College (here).

Please contact the Grande Prairie Regional College Alberta, Canada "Insider e-News" Newsletter created by Communications Specialist Lisa Hollis.

Visual Art instructors, technicians, and artists are seemingly ALWAYS on the look-out for cheap materials.Artwork with "banal" materials has been a part of the contemporary (neo-avant garde) art genre since post- World War II. See the Italian Arte Povera movement here.

Ecological art (eco-art), in places such as Canada (see the artwork of Albertan, Peter von Tiesenhausen and the Art-of-the-Peace)

In reviewing the GPRC architecture of Douglas Cardinal, and how particular Cardinal was about the 'purposely quirky' brickwork, I was struck by this and the design of his architectural surface veneer was in my mind while developing a Community Box project with archive boxes from the Library renovations last summer.

This semester my class also made swans for use as Puppets in a performance in the outdoor Century Play next summer.

Community art has a history that goes back to the early 1990s in Vancouver, BC, where I was working after my Masters. Cathy Stubington was our guest artist for the workshop, see her work at Runaway Moon Theatre in B.C., Canada at

Cities like Vancouver only developed their first Community Public Art Policies in the early 1990s. Back then, (pre-internet!) after attending a lecture by Suzanne Lacy, I co-developed a concept for a wooden picket fence and obtained a small grant with B.C. printmaker Pat Beaton, see her 2011 project here. The fence project was then implemented by grunt gallery in a former "Victory Garden" (a community garden in a high density inner city urban area).

This (inter-cultural, multi-lingual, and inter-generational) project indirectly led to the grunt gallery holding "their own" in a neighbourhood that was in the early processes of gentrification, Upper Main Street, East Vancouver.

Community Arts Publications

PDF of article

'Building sustainable communities through culturally infused education'

by Lycia Trouton


Kristine Germann and Simon Levin, Co-Directors, Public Artist Collective, with Dana Thorne, Indigenous Public Artist-Performer, Canada. Click here for further information

'Collective Echoes, 2000, Vancouver, B.C., Canada'

by Lycia Trouton

PDF of article by Lycia Trouton

Emerging Artists in Darwin

NT, Australia, 2005

Article by Lycia Trouton

Journey into a Toxic Heartland

'Journey into a Toxic Heartland'
Aly de Groot

by Lycia Trouton

  ¤ Handkerchiefs of Hope Art Workshops, 2007

  ¤ Corrymeela Public Relations Magazine, 2007

  ¤ Arts Hub series
     Audience Awareness of Cultural Diversity 2003-4



Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Journal of UoW, 2005

Handkerchiefs of Hope Art Workshop information in Corrymeela Public Relations Magazine

Community Arts On-camera:

  • Lycia was an arts interviewer-presenter on Joy's World, 2008 - 9. Joy's World is the longest running intercultural, intergenerational Australian community arts interview show. Joy's World is an STV channel 31 television show with approximately ½ million viewers nation-wide. The Joy's World show "went digital" last year.

Joy's World encourages us to hear, see and understand various points-of-view ... She brings different people together for fun, and we just 'talk' to one another for the lost art of conversation, a dying art in the age of text-messaging. Joy Hruby of Joy's World really knows how to 'just play'... and for someone of her age (or any age, for that matter!)... this is a great gift which engages human compassion between people-of-difference! The Joy's World TV show is made for FREE out of Joy's kitchen and garage "studios"... This turns Joy's House into a contemporary "arts salon", a Community 'Living Room' beaming out to greater Sydney! This, in turn, develops plural ways of providing community and citizenship across the nation.

  • Lycia featured in an ABC 1 brief documentary about Joy's World for ABC 1 national News report on April 2nd 2009.

  • Dr. Lycia Trouton came to Joy's World at the advice of Gerry Sont

  • Lycia has a passion for helping develop a culturally-diverse TV audience. Lycia has had a career as a Fine Arts teacher and adjudicator in Canada with past Leading Lady roles in college and community theatre and film. She holds a certificate in Radio Broadcasting and diplomas in Speech Arts/ Drama/TV Presenting/Effective Communication as well as 3 university art degrees (DCA, MFA, BFA Hons).

Alumna Multicultural Leadership in Audience Awareness in the Arts

See: Kape Communications Australia-wide MAPD professional development program, 2003.

From the Kape website:

Multicultural Arts Professional Development (MAPD) the national professional development program was initiated by the Australia Council for the Arts, and presented by the Australian Multicultural Foundation, RMIT University and Kape Communications.

MAPD was a unique executive professional development program for the arts in Australia. Ideal for cultural managers, arts marketers, community arts specialists, producers, curators and artists, who desired to build their skills in utilising cultural diversity for audience development, community partnerships, marketing and targeted communications; project development and international collaborations.

MAPD, an Executive Program at RMIT Business, included the five key areas of study: Multiculturalism-policy and application; Cultural Brokerage as presentation; Innovation in Entrepreneurship; Income Generation and Culturally Diverse Marketing and Communications.

MAPD, a five day intensive period in Melbourne at RMIT University, was followed by consultations and one-to-one advice for a period of up to seven months, whereby participants completed a relevant project.

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