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Postgraduate Performance Studies Department

Postgraduate Performance Studies Department
University of Sydney
friday seminar series

with responses by Dr. Paul Dwyer, Chair, School of Letters, Art and Media (restorative justice) and A/Prof Dr Gay McAuley (politics of place & remembering/forgetting in cultural memory), May 1st 2009

The future of The Irish Linen Memorial, as commemorative ritual & site-based work.


The Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath's annual End-of-Year Work-in-Progress seminar, 27 November, 2009, Launceston. The objective: the broad areas of colonial and postcolonial studies about current research project, and to hear responses and suggestions; to gather together unexpected synergies. My Linen Memorial presentation was in the Tamar Valley Centre Room of the Albert Hall. For more information about the Centre for Colonialism and its Aftermath (CAIA) research group, please see


15th Irish Australian Conference

Australian National University,
Cross Cultural Research Centre 2006:
Pain, State Violence, Death.
Joint presentation with composer Dr. Thomas Fitzgerald and weaver Monique van Nieuwland
Conference convenor: Carolyn Strange

15th Irish Australian Conference

Contemporary Installation Art from Ireland/Northern Ireland
La Trobe University, Melbourne
15th Irish Australian Conference
Irish Studies and Irish History conference, 2007

Conference convenor: Dr Jennifer Ridden


Contemporary Installation Art from Ireland/Northern Ireland is a methodology by which contemporary practice-led researchers (Visual and Creative Artists) convey socio-political ideas and / or historical research concepts to other academics, scholars and / or a general public audience / readership.

My presentation describes The Linen Memorial as it re-narrates the last 40 years of the Northern Ireland sectarian conflict and commemorates all those killed (dead). Then I describe this artwork - memorial - counter monument / anti monument as it is situated in context with other postmodern art from places emerging from postcolonial conflict. For example, I will discuss the work of other artists to provide a context, such as Doris Salcedo (Colombia, b. 1958; lives part-time in NYC, U.S.A) who commemorates victims of kidnapping and violence in her home country.


Canberra Historical Society
Irish Studies and Irish History Conference

Text and Textiles in N. Ireland post colonial Art about Death and Trauma 2005 &

The Ryan Tower House as Folly 2007.

Groves Conference on Marriage, the Family and the Community, USA.
Keynote Speaker, Linen Hall Library, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2008.

International Conference on the Arts and Humanities 2006 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, USA
Panel presentation with Prof. Dr. Gloria Orenstein, Hawaii, 2006.

Charles Darwin University,
Cross-Cultural Research conference, Visual Crossings, Darwin, Australia, 2005
Painter Narelle Jubelin: Needlework from 'mere to middle'
Conference Convenor Dr. S Kleinert

Curtin University of Technology
The Space Between: Fashion, Design, Art of Textiles & Textiles Technology
Perth, Western Australia. 2004.

Friends of Ireland / Northern Ireland Club

Keynote Speaker: Friends of Ireland / Northern Ireland Club Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
accompanying performance by Mirramu Dance Company and Solo Performance with partial memorial installation and panel discussion with Choreographer. 2004

Friends of Ireland / Northern Ireland Club.
Left: Connor Bradley, president

University of Wollongong postgraduate seminar: Creative Arts,
Wollongong, NSW, Australia, 2003.

University of Wollongong postgraduate seminar: Arts department,
The Institute for Social Change and Critical Inquiry,
NSW, Australia, 2002.

University of Washington, Washington, USA
Ecological Arts conference,1998.
Panel with Cheryl Hahn, independent Curator and
Ann Rosenthal, Artist-Lecturer.

University of Oregon, Oregon, USA.
Ecology, Science and Art conference
Dr. Carolyn Merchant, convenor, 1995.

University of British Columbia, B.C., Canada.
Artist Panel on Environmental Change, 1994.

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